Police: 2 pit bulls get loose from Linden home and fatally attack Shih Tzu on walk with owner

Police say two pit bulls got loose and fatally attacked a Shih Tzu on a walk with its owner yesterday in Linden.
The incident happened around 9:15 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Roselle Street.  
Police were nearby when they heard a scream and saw two pit bulls attacking the Shih Tzu. They put on their siren and the pit bulls backed off, but it was too late. The Shih Tzu did not survive the attack. 
“It seems that one of the residents left the door open, and the dogs were able to get out that way,” says Capt. Christopher Guenther.
The owners of the pit bulls did come forward and are cooperating fully with both police and the other dog’s owner. The pit bulls are now at the Newark Humane Society. 
Police say they are on what’s called a 10-day hold. There have not been any reported issues with these dogs in the past.