Police: 2 burglars break into Glen Rock home while teen was upstairs

There were some frightening moments for a Bergen County teenager on Wednesday when two people broke into his home. The incident has put the Glen Rock neighborhood on edge.
Police say that the teen is OK after coming face-to-face with two masked intruders. They say the incident happened around 1:30 p.m. at the home near Belvedere and Nottingham roads. Two people broke into the home from a back kitchen window, according to police.
Police say the teen was upstairs and came down the stairs to come face-to-face with the crooks. They two off through a side door, according to officials.
The teen described the two suspects to police as one wearing a white hoodie and red pants, and the other a black hoodie with black pants, both were wearing masks. Their race or age was not immediately known.
A neighbor tells News 12 New Jersey that he noticed a black car with its lights off parked on the street Tuesday night.
“We lock the door, we keep the lights on. But even the other night there was a black car here. It came down the street with no lights on, just stopped there, so maybe they were casing the place, I don’t know,” says Frank Fiorino.
Other neighbors say that break-ins are so uncommon in the area that many people leave their doors unlocked – a practice that might come to an end.
“Safety in this community is never really a concern. I guess now this is something new we have to consider,” says resident Matt Malillo. “I’ve been here a long time and we haven’t really had any issues like this.”
Police are asking anyone who lives on Monmouth Road, Belvidere Road, Nottingham Road, Radburn Road, and Cornwall Road who has surveillance footage that was rolling between noon and 1:35 p.m. Wednesday to please turn it in to detectives