Pilfered show pooches returned to patient owner

A relieved Newark dog owner was reunited with her prized pooches that were swiped after they appeared in the New Brunswick Kennel Club Dog Show last weekend.
Faye Adcox?s two Welsh Corgis, Daddy Warbucks and Samantha, were taken from Adcox?s truck when she stopped for lunch after the show.
This dognapping and others have the dog show community taking notice. Earlier this month, a 170-pound mastiff named Pounder was stolen before competing in another dog show. Pounder was later found and returned. However, show dog owners say they are taking extra precautions.
The Associated Humane Society arranged the reunion with help from News 12 New Jersey. The director saw a story about the dogs and contacted Adcox.
AHS says the dogs were picked up from a home on Summer Avenue by Newark Animal Control. Police are investigating how the dogs ended up at the home.