Pennsauken HS football games moved to Saturday following fights at last game

The football team of a Camden County high school will no longer play at home on Friday night after violence among fans last week forced officials to cut the game short.
Fights broke out last Friday inside and outside of the Pennsauken High School stadium during the game against Camden. The game had to be called at halftime because of safety concerns.
The Pennsauken school superintendent says after a meeting with police and the board of education that the next game will be played Saturday afternoon. Officials are still determining how many tickets will be made available.
A letter to parents stated in part, “As previously stated, Pennsauken Public Schools does not and will not tolerate any type of disrespectful or aggressive behavior on our campuses and will continue to strive to create and foster a family-friendly atmosphere at our competitions and other public events.”
Pennsauken's parents say that it is a shame that the situation occurred.
"It really does affect the players because they're on the field playing and then they have to suddenly just stop and I think that's just crazy that a few people, a group, could ruin such a family event that these high schoolers love,” says Melissa Villinger.
The district says that the last home game, previously scheduled for Oct. 30, will still be played on that day.
Pennsauken is not the only New Jersey school district experiencing issues at high school football games. Jackson police say that a teenager was arrested with a handgun Friday night at the Jackson Liberty High School stadium.
Pennsauken's superintendent says the district does intend to bring back Friday Night football next year.