‘Peaceful co-existence is what we would say’: Opponents protest against this year’s Plainfield deer hunt

An upcoming deer hunt in Plainfield has some neighbors concerned, as protesters say this year, the hunt has been expanded beyond a nearby wooded area to include areas of a park where it's not safe.
Demonstrators set up a 12-foot-tall inflatable deer Sunday at one of the entrances to Cedar Brook Park, which is run by Union County, the site of a bow hunt this month.            
According to protesters, the hunt has been going on for more than two decades.
Signs have been put up inside the park warning people to stay on trails and to keep their dogs leashed and close by to steer clear of danger. The park is home to a playground and athletic fields.
"There are other ways to approach living with deer,” says Gloria Binkowski. “Peaceful co-existence is what we would say."
Demonstrators say the park has been busy as ever, with people looking for outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic, and there has to be a safer way to control the deer population.