Parents who attended Trump's golf club urged to keep children home from school

A rally was held at a public library in Bedminster to show support for President Donald Trump and law enforcement.
Trump was at his golf club in Bedminster Thursday, just 12 hours before he announced he had tested positive for coronavirus.
Club members tell News 12 that a full cleaning of the club was done Thursday night and was cleared by the Board of Health on Friday.
Text messages were also sent to parents of children at the nearby Far Hills school district, requesting anyone who attended the golf club over the last 48 hours to keep their children home.
The president's coronavirus diagnosis comes just weeks before Election Day. Experts say the election will happen even if the remainder of presidential debates have to be canceled. The debates can be postponed, as agreed upon by the debate committee and both campaigns.
Lindsey Cormack, an assistant professor of political science at Stevens Institute of Technology, says even if President Trump became too ill to hold power, the election would most likely continue.
"The election will go no matter what," Cormack says. "It would be an act of Congress that would be the only thing that would change that and with the split of the current Congress, it is an impossibility to consider that they would agree to moving an election."