Pandemic safety precautions encouraged as millions expected to travel for Thanksgiving gatherings

Health officials are encouraging pandemic safety precautions as millions of Americans are expected to travel for Thanksgiving gatherings this holiday.
AAA predicts more than 53 million people will travel for Thanksgiving this year -- that's close to pre-pandemic levels.
A lot of people are looking forward to that sense of normalcy which they didn't have last holiday season.
If you're planning to leave home to visit family or friends this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants to make sure you're doing so safely.
The CDC is asking that if you have not yet been vaccinated to do so before gathering with family and friends to protect those who cannot get the vaccine or those who may have weakened immune systems.
A lot of vaccine clinics are throughout the state that offer appointments to get the vaccine or to get booster shots ahead of the holidays.
One of those will be in Hoboken this week.
When it comes to wearing a mask, you are required to put one on, regardless of vaccination status, if you're flying or using public transportation like the train.
Chief Medical Adviser to President Biden Dr. Anthony Fauci is encouraging all Americans to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with the proper precautions.
"For the people who are vaccinated, the people who can get boosted, enjoy your holiday season with your family, indoors, grandparents, children... do it, but be aware that when you are in a situation where you are traveling, for example, and you are in an indoor congregate setting and you don't know the vaccination status of people, you need to wear a mask. But in the family setting, particularly among vaccinated people, enjoy the holiday," Fauci says.
Monday was also the deadline for federal employees, including Transportation Security Administration workers, to be vaccinated by.
A TSA spokesperson tweeted that 93% of TSA employees are in compliance with the mandate and exemption requirements, and stated the vaccine mandate will not impact Thanksgiving travel.