Owner: Pet euthanized after being attacked by others dogs

A Monmouth County pet owner says that a routine walk with her dog turned tragic after the dog was attacked by other dogs.
Debra Buruchian says that she was walking her miniature schnauzer Jessie Wednesday afternoon on Inlet Terrace in Belmar when two other dogs jumped over a small fence and attacked them.
“Within seconds another dog came and jumped on the both of us and I started screaming for help,” Buruchian says.
Two construction workers ran over to help. Buruchian says that the dogs finally stopped the attack when their owner came out and called them off.
Buruchian’s dog had to be put down due to her injuries. Buruchian was treated for deep bites on her hand.
“This was a horrendous, life-changing, life-altering event,” Buruchian says. “I was out with my dog I love more than life on a beautiful day and my life was destroyed.”
News 12 New Jersey spoke to the man who lives in the home Buruchian says the dogs came from. The man denied knowing anything about the attack and even denied owning any dogs.
But Belmar police say that this is where the attack happened.
“It just doesn't seem right there are animals like that on the loose, that weren't chained, that weren't in the house, that could do this much damage to somebody,” Buruchian says.
Belmar police and the Humane Society are investigating the incident. Both dogs will be quarantined for 10 days while the investigation continues.