Owner of 50-year-old hobby shop looking to sell business

The owner of an Ocean County hobby shop that has been in business for nearly 50 years says that he is looking to sell.
Frank Gustafson, 62, says that he grew up at the Jackson Hobby Shop when it was owned by his parents. He and his mother Sylvia now manage the day-to-day operations.
“Service and repair. Treating everybody moreso like a family versus a business,” he says. 
But Gustafson says that recent health issues and his mother’s desire to move to the Poconos means that he is looking to close or sell the shop after 48 years.
“I’d rather have someone come in, buy the business. I can help them out with it…I love to do repairs,” Gustafson says.
The Jackson Hobby Shop was first operated out of the basement of a sporting goods store. It moved to its current location in a strip mall in the early 1990s.
“I’ve been in here a very long time,” says Sylvia. “My husband passed away in 1987 and even though he didn’t want me in it anymore I’ve been in it ever since.”
Gustafson says that the shop caters to those customers who want hands-on experience.
“You don’t find these models like this anywhere else,” says a mother who was at the store shopping with her child. “All the electric trains and stuff.”
Gustafson says that he also does all the repairs in a back room of the shop. He says that if someone wants to buy the shop, he will stay on as a repairman.
“It’s a good, clean, family-oriented business,” he says.
The owner says that his lease is up in March and he doesn't plan on renewing it. He says that he has some potential buyers lined up.