Overflowing river threatens homes, closes roadways in Passaic County

Tuesday’s heavy rainfall caused massive flooding around parts of New Jersey. The Passaic River is overflowing, forcing the closure of some roads and forcing some to evacuate their homes.
The water has reached the parking lot of the Willowbrook Plaza. Paterson schools will be closed on Friday. Officials say they are worried the situation will get worse as more rain is expected Friday night.
Authorities are warning residents in the county not to walk or drive through flooded streets. They should also leave their homes if they feel as if they are in danger.
Juliet Morales says she is worried that the water could reach up to her house.
“The whole River Street is underwater. Don’t know how high it’s going to come up and I live literally around the corner,” she says. “The last time we had a storm, we had boats out here.”
Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh says at least 18 roads are closed in Paterson and he says more closures could be coming.
And as the waters rise, temperatures in the area are dropping.
“Tonight, the temperature will drop below 32 degrees, that means a Code Blue,” Sayegh says.
Paterson has partnered up with the American Red Cross to open an extra shelter for displaced residents. It is located at the Riverside Vets Recreation Center on Fifth Avenue.
A shelter in Little Falls is located at the civic center on Warren Street.