‘Our message is just freedom’: New Jersey Freedom Convoy gears up for weekend statewide rally

The New Jersey Freedom Convoy is making its way through the Garden State, from Bergen County to Salem County and everywhere in between.
The hope behind the people coordinating the convoy is to bring New Jersey residents together and in their words -- get back our freedoms and protect future generations. 
“Our message is just freedom,” says Jackie Thomas, co-coordinator of NJ Freedom Convoy.
New Jersey truck drivers, like Sadaya Morris, are gearing up for a statewide rally this weekend, hitting the road to fight for the freedoms they believe have been taken away during the pandemic. 
The co-coordinators emphasize the gathering will be peaceful and non-partisan with all political parties represented. 
“It’s not about Republican, Democrat,” says co-coordinator Janine Klem. “I’m a Democrat so it’s not about that to me. It’s about unity, it’s about people of been divided too long and I want to bring them together.”
The women say they do share the mission with the truckers heading to D.C., but just didn't want to do anything outside of New Jersey as a group or as a convoy.  
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