Officials: Rabid raccoon found in East Brunswick neighborhood, 2nd rabid animal this year

The raccoon was found near Manor and Myron places. Residents are urged to use caution.

Matt Trapani

May 1, 2024, 12:33 AM

Updated 28 days ago


Middlesex County health officials say they found a rabid raccoon in an East Brunswick neighborhood on Tuesday.
This is the second rabid animal found in the area so far this year. Some residents tell News 12 New Jersey they are worried that there could be more rabid animals on the prowl.
"There's a lot of families, a lot of kids, a lot of pets. I see people walking around all the time. A lot of these animals, they have different diseases and stuff that can be spread to people. It's just kind of concerning,” said resident Jake Nazzaro.
The raccoon was found near Manor and Myron places.
Health officials say it's important to report animals if you suspect they might have rabies. They might look sick or injured, but there is a chance that they are exhibiting signs of the disease, so keep your distance if you suspect something may be wrong.

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