Officials: Man using flamethrower to threaten officers barricaded himself in Lyndhurst home

A man who used a flamethrower to threaten police officers is now in custody following a standoff that lasted nearly 24 hours, authorities say.
Residents of Thomas Avenue in Lyndhurst can return to their homes following the 21-hour standoff.
Police say that officers were called to 51-year-old Robert Condit’s home Tuesday afternoon to seize his legal weapons. Condit allegedly refused and barricaded himself inside the home.
The closest neighbors were evacuated, and other residents were asked to shelter in place. The SWAT team, local police and Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office came to the scene and attempted to negotiate with Condit.
Witnesses say that things became intense during the standoff.
“I heard noises that sounded like gunfire,” says Harlow Skalwold.
Those noises were from gas canisters that police officers threw into the home. Police also confirm that at one point Condit used a flamethrower to threaten officers.
Officers say that around 1 p.m. Wednesday Condit surrendered and peacefully came out of the home.
“When the family of the suspect thanks you and thanks police at the end for the outcome, you know everything went the way things were supposed to go” says Capt. Michael Carrino. “And that was our goal here, to bring everyone out safely.”
Condit lived in the home with his mother and 93-year-old grandmother. They were not involved or hurt.
Condit is undergoing a medical evaluation. Charges against him are pending.