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Officials: Man in critical condition after setting himself on fire outside Manhattan criminal court

The fire department says that Maxwell Azzarello was taken to the Cornell burn center, where he’s in critical condition.  

Ashley Mastronardi

Apr 19, 2024, 10:00 PM

Updated 62 days ago


Police say a man set himself on fire outside of Manhattan criminal court on Friday.
It happened while jury selection for Donald Trump’s trial was going on inside. 
Police say the man’s name is Maxwell Azzarello, and his license says he’s from St. Augustine, Florida.
Officials say he came to New York City earlier this week.  
The smoke was still billowing when News 12 arrived on scene and our crew caught the moment NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey arrived.  
Maddrey told reporters that Azzarello first walked to the park's center and opened a book bag.  
“From the book bag, he takes numerous pieces of papers, pamphlets out, he throws the pamphlets throughout the park and then he pulls out a canister and pours some kind of liquid on himself, a liquid we believe is an accelerant and he lights himself on fire,” Maddrey said.  
The fire department says that Azzarello was taken to the Cornell burn center where he’s in critical condition.  

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