Officials: Fire destroys 3 tractor-trailers, 1 car behind haunted house in Passaic

Officials say a fire destroyed three tractor-trailers and a car behind a haunted house attraction in Passaic.
The fire happened Saturday around 3:30 a.m. on Brighton Avenue, near the Brighton Asylum.
According to the fire chief, crews from both the Passaic Fire Department and Clifton responded to the scene.
Mayor Hector Lora says two firefighters were injured, but have been treated and released.
"We did have two firefighters, one from the city of Clifton one from the city of Passaic that were injured,” says Mayor Lora. “They were treated last night and released thank God."
The owner of USA Warehouse Services, which owns a building near the attraction, says his building was untouched and that the tractor-trailers were not his.
Two of the trucks belong to a moving company, while the other had electronics inside.
A witness says the fire was contained to the parking lot area.
The fire chief says there is a chance of the fire being suspicious.