Off-campus ‘super-spreader event’ blamed for spike in COVID-19 cases at Monmouth University

At least 166 students at Monmouth University are under a 10-day quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus, according to President Patrick Leahy.
Leahy blamed most of the recent cases on an "off-campus event" held two weeks ago, saying in a letter posted on their website that, “An overwhelming majority of the recent cases we have seen can be traced back to this isolated super-spreader event.”
Leahy also revealed another 206 students deemed "at high-risk" through contact tracing are required to quarantine. In total, more than 370 students are facing some kind of quarantine.
Since August, 291 students have tested positive, and 135 have recently recovered.
Most classes are being held virtually, but some students are living on campus. Leahy says the rise in cases could delay a return to classrooms.