Ocean Township officers save baby from house fire

Two Ocean Township police officers are being hailed as heroes after they ran into a burning home to rescue a baby.
Officials said the officers were on patrol early Tuesday morning when they spotted ash and smoke coming from the home on Maidenstone Drive.
Police said Officer Chris Clune and Officer Arthur Barnek contacted the fire department, and then started to bang on the family’s door to wake them up and evacuate them from the house.
Homeowner Suzanne Perrotto made it outside with her 3-year-old daughter. She then quickly notified the officers that her 1-year-old daughter and husband were still inside. The officers ran inside the home and were able to rescue both of them.
“I knew she was in good hands. The police officer is a very tall gentleman…he had her scooped in his arms, and I knew she was safe,” Perrotto said.
The family made it out of the home without being hurt, and they were able to return to the home a few hours later.
It is believed that the fire started in an outdoor electrical light planted in some mulch.