Ocean County food bank can’t pay rent, forced to close

An Ocean County food bank will be forced to close its doors because it can no longer afford to pay its rent.
Ocean County Hunger Relief has been providing food and other necessities to 26 food pantries throughout the state for 37 years. 
But executive director Carol Latif says that donations have dwindled recently and the organization can no longer afford to pay the nearly $10,000 monthly rent in Toms River.
“Unless we have a miracle, it’s a done deal,” she says.
The facility is currently loaded with donated food, along with items like furniture and clothing. The items are all currently for sale for the next week. Latif says that what isn’t sold will be given away.
“They have to qualify. They have to come in and talk to me. We’re giving it away for free,” Latif says.
More information about the sale can be found on Ocean County Hunger Relief’s website.