Ocean County baker uses hint of NYC to improve bread recipe

A baker in Ocean County says he's kicked his bread up a notch by changing what comes from his tap.
Joe Leone has baked bread at Point Pleasant Beach for over 20 years, but says his new ingredient that has improved his recipe is water from the Bronx.
Leone says water is the most important ingredient in dough, and adds that Jersey Shore isn't bad … just different from the Bronx.
In order to bring the Bronx to his bakery, Leone has utilized a device called the New York Watermaker.
"We literally keep the water molecule in its natural state," says Paul Errigo, of New York Watermaker. "And then match the characteristics molecularly of the perfect water for baking and bread."
Because of the device, Leone says the taste, textures and crusts of his bread have gone up a notch.
"It's just that little thing that was missing, but it's actually a big thing," says Leone.
New York Watermaker only just went on the market back in April, and the company says Leone's bakery is the first to use the device.