NY Waterway, NJ Transit announce completion of major ferry retrofit

NY Waterway unveiled an upgraded commuter ferry in Weehawken today, saying it’s helping the environment and saving on fuel -- all while adding passengers to each boat.
Six of the upgraded ferries were retrofitted with new engines, seating capacity has been increased by 60% with new seating, and there's an all-new helm of the boat.
With the new engines, NY Waterway say they’re cutting emissions by 70-80% and using 25% less fuel.
Earlier today, NY Waterways held a news conference to unveil the new retrofitted ferry made possible by a $12 million federal grant with the assistance of NJ Transit. They say this is just the beginning of innovation as they also hope to electrify their fleet in the future.
“We are actually trying to develop plans to hybridize one or more of our vessels, but get all these things take time and you have to go in steps,” says Armand Pohan, president and CEO of NY Waterway. “You know it could take 10 years before you even get to a whole hybridize fleet.”
They’re working on retrofitting six ferries in total, expecting to finish the work in two years.