Nursing students create Instagram account to encourage more people to get COVID-19 vaccine

Nursing students in Camden County are using social media to boost confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine.
Rutgers-Camden nursing students were at the Kroc Center in Camden City on Monday to administer the vaccine. When they saw a need to get more Camden residents vaccinated, they took to social media to get the word out.
“I want people to see the Instagram, see people who look like them getting vaccinated and understand that it's safe for them to come and get vaccinated,” says nursing student Anastasia Dudzinski.
Dudzinski, along with her fellow students and AmeriCorps volunteers, created the Instagram account NJ_CSC to share real-life vaccination stories right from Camden.
Shavon Pipes shared her experience on Monday.
"I still have friends and family members who are weary about it. I was one of those, but like I said I have my baby to think about first,” she says. “I want them to be encouraged to be able to do it so they see me do it then maybe they'll go do it, too."
The students say that they hope that by sharing these stories, more people will be encouraged to make an appointment to get the shot.