North Bergen officials call for Hudson County inspection of cliffs following rockslide that damaged cars

The township of North Bergen is calling on Hudson County officials to inspect the cliffs along Boulevard East after a rockslide wrecked several luxury cars parked at an apartment complex.
The township is asking for an independent engineering and geological review, which will identify potential risks and determine what needs to be done to ensure the safety of residents and properties roughly 2.5 to 3 miles alongside the cliff.
"Obviously, it's not a very stable landmass, so we're just kind of waiting for the next time to happen now,” said tenant Grace Bennett. "But yeah, it's terrifying.”
Engineers representing the North Bergen, Hudson County and the property owner determined the rockslide was in fact because of natural conditions resulting from heavy rain and roots growing into the rock formations for many years.
Officials added the cleanup of the rocks could take several more days because they are waiting for more rocks to fall as the cliff side settles.
Police have blocked off Boulevard East from 74th to 78th streets until further notice.