North Bergen complex tenants search for answers following rockslide that damaged cars

Several tenants at a North Bergen luxury apartment are exploring options after their vehicles were damaged by a rockslide over the weekend.
The heavy rain from over the weekend caused the rockslide, triggering rocks to come pummeling down into nearly a dozen luxury cars. The fence behind the building was not strong to hold the rocks back as they came barreling down, smashing into the parking lot.
“I was jolted awake at 3 a.m.,” said tenant Brooke James. “The building was shaking, there was a horrible noise and then we saw muddy water coming down the side.
There were no injuries reported, but some of other tenants told News 12 they don't want to renew their leases as this isn’t the first time the rockslide occurred in at the location. Rocks came tumbling down just two months ago.
Tenants are waiting to hear from management who they say are working with local and state agencies to find a solution. News 12 has also reached out to the town and to management and is waiting to hear back.