No announcements on Aaron Judge extension as opening day nears

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge and general manager Brian Cashman had no update Monday on a contract extension for the slugger with a potential deadline looming later this week.
There was some confusion about the situation after new YES Network analyst Carlos Beltran suggested during his debut broadcast for the Yankees' spring game against Philadelphia that an extension had been completed, saying he was glad Judge was increasing his stay with the club.
Beltran walked back the comment later, saying he hopes Judge will sign an extension.
“Carlos is, he's my man, so I think he was just looking out, trying to have my back a little bit there,” Judge said after the game. “I kind of heard a little of the last couple innings of Carlos in the booth, and I think he's a little nervous but he's going to fit right in. I'm glad he was pulling for me a little bit."
Judge again indicated that he doesn’t want to negotiate a new contract during the regular season. The outfielder, who turns 30 next month, is eligible to become a free agent after the World Series.
The Yankees open on Thursday at home against the Boston Red Sox.
“After opening day, like I’d said, I’ve got a job to do and I’ve got something to focus on,” Judge said.
The Yankees and Judge so far have failed to reach a deal for 2022, which could result in the sides heading into arbitration during the season. The outfielder asked for a raise from $10,175,000 to $21 million, and the Yankees offered $17 million.
“We will have all business concluded, that’s either going to be an arbitration setting or it’s going to be a contract,” Cashman said. “I’m not going to comment on anything other than the fact that we will have done everything we committed to doing, which is we would have a contract negotiation and it will either lead us to a one-year arbitration scenario, could lead into a multiyear contract."
Judge said he has no anxiety due to his contract status.
“I understand the business side of it,” Judge said. “I've still got to come here, do what I got to do on the field. If we sign a deal or we don't, ain't going to affect me at all. Either way it's going to be one year or multiple years, so I'm not too worried.”
Judge hit .287 with 39 homers and 98 RBIs in 148 games last season.