NJDOT crews out making repairs during ‘pothole blitz’ effort

The New Jersey Department of Transportation is in the middle of what it called its “pothole blitz.” Throughout March and April, the department is making statewide pothole repairs.
The department was out on Route 1 in Edison on Monday making repairs.
“Coming out of the winter traditionally is what we call ‘Pothole Season,’ and temps are optimal once pavement temps go between 50 and 60 [degrees]. We can use hot material,’ says Chris Feinthel, senior director of operations for the NJDOT.
Crews will spend roughly 10 minutes filling in each pothole along a busy roadway, sometimes knocking out hundreds of potholes in one day.
“They’ll clean the hole out, make sure there’s no water in there, spray it, dry everything out, tamp it down, put hot asphalt in, even it out,” says Feinthel.
The crews will be out for the next few weeks to make repairs. Officials say that the number of potholes is down this year due to a mild winter.
“Since January 1, we did 48,000 potholes in New Jersey. This time last year, we were at over 70,000. So not exactly half, but trending in the right direction,” Feinthel says.
He says that not having as many snowplows on the roads this year also helped to keep the number of potholes down.
Officials say that any New Jersey residents that know of any potholes that need to be repaired can reach out to the dispatch unite at the DOT to let officials know.