NJ Transit admits a Dunkin’ opens one of its stations and Twitter lost its mind

New Jersey Transit has seemingly admitted that a Dunkin’ is responsible for opening the doors to one of its stations, resulting in a big response on social media.
It all started Thursday morning when a Twitter user tweeted the official NJ Transit Twitter account asking why a train was running late, and asking if the agency would ever fix its app.
The NJ Transit employee running the account Thursday morning responded to the user and told him that alerts about trains can be found on the app. The tweet was signed “TB.”
Another Twitter user then chimed in and stated that “TB” is the same person who “’assumes’ the doors get opened at Hamilton,” referring to the fact that the doors to the Hamilton Train Station were locked one day.
“TB” then responded, “Dunkin' is responsible for opening the doors in the morning at Hamilton station. NJT has spoken to the vendor multiple times. If you would like to file a formal complaint, use the link below.” with a link provided.
This caused other Twitters to pounce on NJ Transit, incredulous that a donut shop would be in charge of opening the doors to the station and not NJ Transit itself. “TB” stated that this was part of Dunkin's contract when purchasing the location.”
Twitter users then did what Twitter users do best and began posting memes, GIFs and jokes about the situation.
“Hey Jerry, sorry you can’t go to work today, the donut guy is hung over again,” @souldeux tweeted.
 “So, NJ Transit literally runs on Dunkin,” tweeted @BryanFJacoutot.
"Are any other completely unrelated businesses in charge of opening doors at other stations? Or do any other task? Is like Taco Bell in charge of changing all the light bulbs in Secaucus?" asked @AddMyDadOnFB.
There were also many references to the old Dunkin’ slogan “Time to make the doughnuts.”
The exchange became so popular that it even showed up on Twitter’s trending moments for the day.
A spokesperson for Dunkin' says in a statement to News 12 New Jersey, "We are aware of the situation at the NJ Transit Hamilton train station. The Dunkin' located within the Hamilton train station opens each weekday at 4:30 a.m. As stated on NJ Transit's website, ticket office hours begin at 6 a.m. each weekday. Additionally, ticket vending machines and access to the platform are available to passengers throughout the exterior of the NJ Transit Hamilton train station."