NJ native launches app to allow lottery players to purchase tickets at home

The jackpots for two multi-state lottery games continue to grow, with Mega Millions now at $750 million and Powerball at $640 million. For those who can’t go out to buy lottery tickets in person, there is now an app for that.
“Jackpocket is the first licensed app to allow players to play their favorite lottery games they know and love like Mega and Powerball and state-based daily games,” says Jackpocket CEO and founder Peter Sullivan.
The app is a state-licensed lottery courier similar to Uber Eats or Instacart. Players can order and pay for tickets via the app and someone will go physically buy the ticket from a registered retailer. The ticket is scanned and the information is sent to the player digitally and they get to keep all their winnings.
“We’re getting a tremendous number of people who say during COVID, it’s helpful for my elderly grandmother, my mom or dad, who love to play the lottery but can’t leave and have to stay quarantined,” Sullivan says.
Sullivan, a New Jersey native, launched the app in the Garden State last year just before the pandemic hit. The company launched the app in New York this month. It is perfect timing as lottery fever grows thanks to the two big jackpots.
“Unfortunately, COVID has affected us all. But we’re able to provide a new app…that continues to make sure people have a little hope during this dark time,” says Sullivan.
The app can be downloaded via a smartphone or from the company’s website. There is a processing fee, but players do get to keep all their winnings to either play more games on the app or to transfer into their bank account.