NJ minimum wage increase to take effect Jan. 1. What does it mean for you?

The New Jersey minimum wage increase is set to take effect starting on Jan. 1.
The statewide minimum wage will increase by $1 to $15.13 per hour for most employees.
Long-term care facility staff will see their minimum wage increase by a $1 to $18.13 per hour.
The cash wage for tipped workers remains $5.26 per hour, but the tip credit will go from $8.87 to $9.87 per hour.
Agricultural employees will see an increase from $12.01 to $12.81 per hour. Under law, seasonal and small business employers were given until 2026 to reach $15 per hour to lessen the impact on their businesses. Starting on Jan. 1, their hourly pay will go from $12.93 to $13.73 per hour.
The wage increase was a goal set by legislation signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in 2019.
The Department of Labor and Workforce Development sets the minimum wage for each year based on the Consumer Price Index, which has gone up by more than 3% in 2023.