NJ man who went to Israel to find missing father confirms his death

A New Jersey man who traveled to Israel amid the war to find his missing father has confirmed that his father was killed by Hamas.
“My dad was murdered,” said Igor Kimenfeld.
Kimenfeld said his father Danil went fishing with a friend on Oct. 7. He was in Zikim, just north of the Gaza border.
The last anyone heard from him, Danil was running to a shelter as sirens wailed. When Danil’s far was found, it was riddled with bullet holes, with no sign of Danil.
When News 12 spoke with Kimenfeld two weeks ago, he was trying to remain hopeful.
"There was no signs of struggle by his car. And he speaks Arabic, which I think that helps,” Kimenfeld said.
But word came last week that the body of Danil’s friend he went fishing with was identified. And now word came in that Danil himself was killed by Hamas.