NJ man decorates car with COVID-19 models; offers free rides for vaccines

Anyone who lives in Hunterdon, Middlesex or Warren counties may have seen a strange car on the road that is covered in what looks like models of the coronavirus.
The vehicle is the work of Brooklyn-native turned New Jersey resident Joe Chicchetti who outfitted his Fiat with dozens of models of the COVID-19 virus that he made himself with dryer balls and PVC pipe.
“There a lot of trial and error that went into this. It probably took two or three months to figure out the best way to make this work,” he says.
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Chicchetti created the car so that he could give free rides to anyone who needed a lift to their vaccine appointment. He has given rides several dozen people over the last few months. He says that he gets paid in both gratitude and great conversations.
“I grew up on 82nd Street and 14th Avenue [in Brooklyn] and when I was a kid a block away was a pharmacy…Whenever anybody was sick my grandfather - he had a very Italian accent – he would say, ‘Go see Dr. Fauci,’” Chicchetti says.
That pharmacy was owned by the grandfather of Dr. Anthony Fauuci.
Chicchetti says that he would be happy to drive anyone who needed to get to their appointment. He says that the best way to contact him is through his Facebook page. He says that he takes reservations and also accepts donations for gas and other expenses.