NJ looks to avoid reopening rollback as NYC mayor proposes 'rewind' for hot spots

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to shut down schools and businesses in nine neighborhoods with rising COVID-19 cases, and New Jersey is working to avoid something like that as coronavirus cases are rising in places like Ocean County.
It was a sunny Sunday in downtown Point Pleasant Beach, but according to state numbers, new cases in Ocean County are at 136. The county alone already makes up for about one-quarter of the state's overall new cases.
There are pockets of New York City where cases are going up, and de Blasio says they may have to shut down non-essential businesses again if the state approves it. It could happen as soon as this Wednesday.
"None of this is easy its difficult its challenging it will require sacrifice, we're talking about people who have been thru so much, businesses that have struggled to survive, this will not be easy at all for families who depend on their livelihood, but it something that we believe is necessary for keeping the city from going backwards to where we were months ago," says de Blasio,
In New Jersey, some of the highest rates of COVID-19 cases are out of Lakewood in Ocean County, with Tom's River as a close second.