NJ Korean-American family has high hopes for Trump, Jong Un summit

A Korean-American family from New Jersey says that they have high hopes for a unified Korea after a summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.
Stephanie Jang says that the historic summit between the two leaders could be the first step for a new era for North Korea. Jang says that it is her elderly mother’s dream to one day return to the country.
“She wants to go home so bad,” Jang says.
Jang’s mother fled North Korea in 1953 when she was just 13 years old. Jang says that her mother had to leave behind her own mother and older brother and she never saw them again.
Jang says that her mother’s dream is to one day return to her home town in a unified Korea.
“I can feel that, so that’s what makes me really sad, happy, at the same time,” Jang says. “I could probably accompany her. It will be a great moment for me too.”
Jang says that the decades of tension between North and South Korea led to a lifetime of stress.
“We were always under pressure that war was going to open up, like tomorrow morning,” she says.