NJ businesses cash in on upcoming Easter holiday

Some New Jersey businesses are taking advantage of the upcoming Easter holiday as a way to see an increase in their sales.
The owner of Capri Hats in Englewood says that she has been busy with orders for one-of-a-kind hats in time for Easter.
“You tend to look for a reason to wear them and if you love them, then what better day?” says owner Angelica Orfaly.
Easter Sunday has traditionally been a time when people wear outlandish hats.
“Our hats get really wild,” Orfaly says. “We have feathers, you name it. Mink. You name it, we have it. They get very fancy.”
But Orfaly says that people have been opting for more conservative hats lately, especially hats that they can wear later into the summer season.
“Once you put your hat on, it brings out the character that you love,” she says.
The owners of the Scandinavian candy shop Candy Rush, also in Englewood, says that they have also seen in increase in customers as Easter approaches.
“It’s been crazy…we’ve been here for one month and I think it’s going to be good,” says owner Danny Bisse.
“It’s spring. Everything is coming back and everything is turning green again and people want to go outside,” says customer Frank Pannone. “The candy is just a reflection of how sweet that is.”
And for people dying Easter eggs – the U.S. Department of Agriculture says that the wholesale cost of a dozen eggs is up to $2.71.