NJ animal shelters take in animals displaced by Hurricane Florence

Dogs and cat displaced by Hurricane Florence will be making their way to New Jersey to find their forever homes.
A handful of dogs and cats have already arrived in the Garden State from North and South Carolina as the storm approaches the coast. This has been done so that room can be made in the shelters down south for stray animals.
Somerset Regional Animal Shelter manager Brian Bradsaw says that room is also being made at the shelters in the Carolinas for the pets of the state residents who have to evacuate. He says that sometimes people will not head to safety until they know that their own pets will be safe.
“Therefore, if a shelter takes the animal and they know their animals are safe, the people will go to safety,” he says.
Shelter officials says that not every animal is coming from the hurricane zone, but they say that every animal adopted up in New Jersey will help the situation down south.
“Some of the larger shelters will actually go down and do the transport themselves because they have larger vehicles and bigger support system,” says assistant shelter manager Rose Tropeano. “And the smaller shelters go up to bigger ones and help take what they can’t hold there. It’s kind of a trickle-down effect of everyone working together."
Somerset Regional is working with St. Hubert's in Madison to get the animals up north and then spread them out to available shelters. Monmouth County SPCA is also taking in hurricane pets. 
Anyone looking to adopt or foster a pet should contact the shelters.