New video shows ex-Port Authority official inside Tenafly police HQ

News 12 New Jersey has obtained new video of former Port Authority Commissioner Caren Turner inside Tenafly Police Headquarters after she berated officers during a traffic stop.
Tenafly police say that Turner showed up to the police station on March 31 to continue her rant against two officers who pulled over a car that her daughter was riding in.
The incident happened earlier that day. Officers pulled over the car on Route 9 West for allegedly having an expired registration, tinted windows and an obstructed license plate. The car was going to be impounded.
Turner showed up at the traffic stop and demanded to know why the car was pulled over. When the officer refused to tell her, she became agitated, flashed her Port Authority credentials and used profanity.
Turner resigned from her position as commissioner following the incident. She says her emotions got the best of her, but maintains she did nothing improper.