‘Highway robbery.’ New toll increases proposed for New Jersey drivers

Toll hikes are included in Port Authority's proposed budget for the new year. The same goes for the South Jersey Transportation Authority, which includes a 3% toll increase.
The hike is not definitive yet. However, Port Authority officials say they’ll take a vote at the board of commissioners meeting on Dec. 14.
This could potentially impact drivers as they cross the Hudson from a Port Authority bridge or tunnel or travel the Atlantic City Expressway.
Overall, the Port Authority budget is nearly $1 billion higher than in 2022. Heading into the new year, officials are considering a 63 cent toll increase to bridge and tunnel tolls and a 25 cent airport AirTrain fare hike.
News 12 New Jersey spoke with some truck drivers who say they’re not happy about the potential toll increase.
“I just think it’s highway robbery, literally,” one driver said. “I’ll be driving all the back roads. I don’t want to deal with all the extra money, it’s too much. And the price of going into New York City now? I think they need to drop the tolls.”
Another driver said, “The cost of everything else is unbearable. It makes me not want to get on the tollway. I can’t afford it.”
Officials say the increase stems from a process called toll indexing. They say these adjustments will result in Port Authority tolls similar to round-trip tolls of other regional systems.
For the Atlantic City Expressway, new toll rates are also expected at the start of next year. Drivers will see an increase at the two major toll plazas at Egg Harbor and Exit 17 to Route 50 from $4.55 to $4.70. Tolls for E-ZPass customers will go from $2.91 to just over $3.