New recreational marijuana dispensary opened in Fort Lee could bring in NY customers

A new adult-use recreational marijuana dispensary has opened in Fort Lee. It is a location that could bring customers across state lines.
Ascend Cannabis has opened its third location in New Jersey just blocks away from the George Washington Bridge.
“This location is exciting for us because it’s a stone's throw away from the GWB - it opens up our doors to people from New York in a really convenient way,” says Mike Conway, regional vice president of retail.
Customers can’t legally bring pot across state lines, but they still expect to see a bump in out-of-state customers based on their other locations.
“Normally, we will see 10% [out-of-state costumers] in Rochelle Park, for example, but here I can imagine it’ll be higher, 20%-25% coming from New York,” Conway says.
This is the 21st recreational dispensary in New Jersey. Appointments booked up fast on Thursday.
“It’s a great location. So simple to get to,” says Ari Cohen, of Mahwah.
“This is the closest one to me. About 20 minutes,” says Gabe Zambrano, of Westwood.
Conway says the company tries to be good members of the community. He says this includes providing a service to residents and bringing other people to Fort Lee who may not have come otherwise.
“We are bringing potentially 1,500-2,000 customers a day to Fort Lee and we are hoping those people will go out to the community here and bolster the local economy as well,” Conaway says.
The first month will be by appointment only. This is for crowd control and to cut down on traffic.
Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich says the tax revenue from the dispensary alone could bring in up to $1 million. He says he and his police department continue to work with the operator on any security and traffic concerns.