New Long Branch mayor-elect celebrates victory from hospital bed

Long Branch will soon have a new mayor for the first time in 28 years.
But Mayor-elect John Pallone had to miss his victory party Tuesday night and spent the night in the hospital instead after recovering from recent surgery.
Pallone, brother of Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone, defeated incumbent Adam Schneider in a landslide. There will also be five new council members.
“There was just so much talk of needing to have this change and after a while I think it just became inevitable,” says Council Member-elect Anita Voogt.
Pallone learned of his victory while in his hospital room.
“We all are sad he wasn't there but he led us to victory and so we’re very happy for him,” says Long Branch Council Member Mary Jane Celli.
Celli says that she has received a lot of phone calls from residents wishing Pallone well.
Former Mayor Schneider was mayor of the town for nearly 30 years. News 12 New Jersey spoke with him Tuesday before the election about the possibility of losing.
"What's the worst thing? I'm going to ride my bike more. I’m going to go to the beach more often, and I’m going to spend more time working, so I'm OK either way,” he said.
Pallone and the new council members are scheduled to be sworn into office in July.