New Jersey voters will soon decide whether to legalize marijuana

Adult-use recreational marijuana could become legal in New Jersey if voters approve a public question on this year’s ballot.
Public Question No. 1 would legalize recreational marijuana use for adults 21 years old and older.
Legalizing marijuana was a campaign promise of Gov. Phil Murphy, but the bill fell short in Trenton several times.
Over 1 million of New Jersey’s registered voters have already cast their ballots and weighed in on the question. But New Jersey will have to wait until all the ballots are counted to see if it passes.
A new Stockton University poll of registered voters shows that 66% plan to vote for the legalization of marijuana, while 23% plan to vote no.
Under the proposal, adults who are 21 or over can legally purchase marijuana. They would need a New Jersey license to do so, as only state residents can purchase the product.
This could mean that more dispensaries could open in New Jersey to meet demand. It would also mean increased revenue for the state. The state could tax purchases up to 6.6%. Local townships could earn revenue from a 2% tax.
The Cannabis Regulatory Commission would oversee the new industry and decide on matters such as, will people eventually be able to grow marijuana from their homes?
If the referendum is passed, it could take effect in January.