New Jersey veterans split on Trump’s military parade

Military veterans in New Jersey who spoke to News 12 were split on the idea of a parade to honor the United States military.
The Pentagon confirms that officials are looking into dates for a possible parade in the nation’s capital.
President Donald Trump reportedly directed military brass to put together a parade that shows off the United States military’s might. One date reportedly being discussed is Veterans Day, Nov. 11.
Some veterans in New Jersey had opposing thoughts about the idea.
“It’s about time that they honor the veterans, instead of ‘you know what’ on them, like a lot of people do,” said Army veteran Brendan Rock.
But Army veteran Roger Giuriceo said that he is worried about what such a parade would cost.
“I think there’s plenty of respect for the military and I think it’s foolish to spend the money,” he said. “They can use it elsewhere.”
The president reportedly got the idea for the parade after attending a Bastille Day Parade in France last year. North Korea held a military parade this week, which marked the 70th anniversary of the country’s military founding.