New Jersey ranks in top 10 most aggressive drivers in the US

Tech company Gas Buddy has ranked the states with the most aggressive drivers in the U.S., and New Jersey is ranked in the top 10.
According to the list, New Jersey ranks sixth for the most aggressive drivers in the country.
The company looked at gas prices, traffic and congestion.
They also analyzed driver habits such as speeding, rapid acceleration and braking.
 Here is the top 10:
  1. California 
  2. Connecticut 
  3. Georgia 
  4. Texas 
  5. North Carolina 
  6. New Jersey 
  7. Delaware 
  8. Florida 
  9. Kentucky 
  10. Arizona
The company also found Friday is the most aggressive driving day of the week, while Wednesday is the least aggressive.

Los Angeles and Philadelphia were the leaders in hard braking and rapid acceleration, while San Diego, Orlando and Detroit have had the most speeding incidents.
The least aggressive driving city in the country is Minneapolis.
To see the full list, click here.