New Jersey native Ant Clemons performs with Justin Timberlake at inaugural concert

Joe Biden’s presidential inaugural concert “Celebrating America” featured several artists with ties to New Jersey – including R&B singer/songwriter Ant Clemons.
Clemons and Justin Timberlake performed their duet “Better Days” at the concert. Clemons, a Willingboro native, says that he dreamed of performing at an inaugural concert since childhood.
“I almost dropped the phone when [Timberlake] told me. It was just nuts…that we would be performing at the inauguration. It’s just honestly a dream come true,” Clemons says.
It is not the only dream that has come true for Clemons this year. He was also nominated for a Grammy for his debut album “Happy 2 Be Here.”
“It’s not just the album title. It’s honestly a way of life…because all that God has allowed me to see and be present for, I had to be absolutely happy to be where I was at to then go to where I wanted to get to,” he says.
Clemons was working as a server in a restaurant in South Jersey just four years ago when he decided to go for his dream of making music and moved to Los Angeles. He has since collaborated with Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and many other artists, in addition to Timberlake. But he credits his hometown as his greatest musical influence.
“Willingboro is the Mecca to me of just cultural music, and just where you can figure out the different options of music. It's jazz, it's folk, it's Christian, it's gospel, it's pop, it's rock, it's R&B,” Clemons says.
Clemons plans to release a second album soon.