New Jersey man has collection of more than 1,500 NJ license plates dating back decades

A pair of New Jersey legislators recently introduced a bill that would allow drivers to purchase new versions of the old blue and buff 1980s-era New Jersey license plates.
The Garden State has seen many different versions of license plates over the years and one state resident has a collection of more than 1,500 of them.
Jim Moini became interested in license plates when he was traveling on a family cross-country trip when he was just 7 years old.
“No Gameboys. No DVD player on the back of your seat. So, what’s a kid going to do? You’re going to watch stuff outside the window. You’re going to watch traffic, you’re going to watch cars and license plates,” he says.
Moini has all sorts of plates dating back decades. There are porcelain plates, where the porcelain was baked over steel from 1909 until 1959. He has plates from 1943 when they were made to be little tabs that attached to the bottom of the plate.
“This was because of the war effort. They wanted to conserve metal,” Moini says.
Moini says that he will get the plates from wherever he can find them. Some were bought back when the state used to tell them, others were bought from flea markets or eBay.
“They’re ordered by year mostly, or by lettered sequence,” he says.
Moini has thousands of pictures of his collection and other license plates from around the world up on his website, which he calls an online license plate encyclopedia.