New Jersey landmarks made famous by 'The Sopranos'

News 12 New Jersey reported Thursday that the Satin Dolls Gentleman's Club in Lodi would be closing amid an investigation into the club’s owner.
The building was made famous thanks to the HBO series “The Sopranos.”
Several other businesses in the Garden State have been made famous because of the series.
Here are the statuses of some of these locations.
#1. Ramsey Outdoor
Location: Route 17 North Paramus
Status: The building used in the series is now an LA Fitness (The Ramsey location is still open)
Role in the series: The owner, Davey Scatino owed a debt to Soprano Family, who then helped themselves to supplies and the fictional store owner's car.
#2. Satriale's Pork Store
Location: Kearny Avenue, Kearny
Status: Demolished. Rebuilt as a condominium complex.
Role in the series: The pork store was the center of many discussions, shootings and decisions on how to deal with some made men.
#3. Pizzaland 
Location: Belleville Turnpike, North Arlington
Status: Open
Role in the series: It is prominent in the opening credits.
#4. Holsten's Ice Cream
Location: Broad Street, Bloomfield
Status: Open
Role in the series: The very last scene in the series takes place inside the famous ice cream shop.
#5. Satin Dolls
Location: Route 17 South Lodi
Status: Open (until January)
Role in the series: The Bada-Bing! Owned in the series by Silvio (Steven Van Zandt). Tony's office is in one of the back rooms.