New Jersey bear hunt being extended 4 days this week

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- Bear hunters in New Jersey will be able to take to the woods for another four days this week.
The state's division of fish and wildlife on Sunday announced a four-day extension of the December portion of the hunt from Wednesday until after sunset Saturday.
Officials said a preliminary total of 382 bears have been taken during six-day segments in October and December, but that total includes only 21 of the 135 bears "tagged" or documented prior to the hunt.
That is six fewer than the 20-percent threshold required in the state game code to avoid an extension.
About 60 people protested the hunt in Fredon Township on Saturday's final scheduled day. A hunter on Thursday killed the 4,000th bear since the hunt resumed in 2003 following a three-decade moratorium.
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