New food options on Yankee Stadium menu give a taste of the ballpark

News 12 highlights the new food options fans can indulge in for opening day.

News 12 Staff

Mar 30, 2023, 12:01 PM

Updated 479 days ago


Yankee Stadium has some new food options for fans hitting the ballpark this season.
The ballpark experience at Yankee Stadium no longer hinges on whether Aaron Judge hits a home run or Gerritt Cole strikes out 10. The Yankees gave News 12 a sneak peek at what food options are available this year, and there is something for everyone.
All the core classics are there, but for those who want to get adventurous, there are foods inspired by Latin, Asian, Southern and American classics with some notable new additions.
The 99 Burger makes its debut featuring wagyu beef, new school American cheese and caramelized onions. If that sounds appetizing, get it first as the stadium will only sell 99 of them each game.
The burger is tied together by the new school American cheese, developed by Chef Eric Greenspan, that has aged cheddar, cream, butter, salt and sodium citrate.
If you don't get your hands on one of the 99 burgers, plenty of choices remain like chicken and waffles from Streetbird, mac and cheese with a Mexican twist from Mac Truck, garlic cheesy bread from Bronx native Christian Petroni, crab fries from Chickie's & Pete's and more. Just remember to leave room for dessert.

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