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Neighbors share insight into family of 4 found dead inside Union Township home

Neighbors shared with News 12 that it was a mother, a father and two little girls who were found dead by police inside the Union home.

Chris Keating

Jan 18, 2024, 10:13 PM

Updated 156 days ago


Four members of a family in Union Township, New Jersey were found dead inside their home on Wednesday - two adults and two children.
While police investigate what happened inside of the house on Lincrest Terrace, News 12 is learning some new details from neighbors to the family.
Neighbors have shared that it was a mother, a father and two little girls found inside the home. News 12 was told that the girls were in first and third grade.
The property remains surrounded in yellow caution tape. The front door is boarded up with plywood after police were forced to break through to gain entry.
According to neighbors, the house was in foreclosure. On Wednesday, members of the Union County Sheriff’s Office went to the home to deliver a notice of eviction. When no one answered, the officers broke in and found the bodies of all four family members.
There are no longer any police cars posted out front, but neighbors occasionally stopped to look. They recall the victims as being a nice family.
Clarisse Simoes’ mother lives in the home directly across the street. She is regularly taking care of her mother and has said hello to that family in the past.
“It’s very sad it’s a bit tragic and we’re in shock," Simoes said. “I have children, I have grandchildren and somebody has to be really sick.”
David DeCicco would regularly see the family in the yard while he was outside walking his dog.
“Just walking outside this morning looking and just thinking like oh god I don’t understand what happened," he said.
News 12 has been told the children attended Hannah Caldwell Elementary School in Union and that parents in the district have been alerted to what happened.
Investigators are reportedly looking into this matter as a possible murder-suicide.
News 12 is waiting on the confirmation of the names of those family members.
A cause of death is not yet known.

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