Mystery bidder saves iconic New Jersey amusement park with bid of $2.3 million

What was slated to be a sad day for nostalgic New Jerseyans, took a very dramatic and hopeful turn for the better.
An auction to sell off items from Clementon Park & Splash World – one of the oldest amusement parks in the country – took place on Tuesday.
The auction was held virtually as a group of 200 people bid on all sorts of items, such as the Hellcat wooden roller coaster and the flying elephants kiddie ride.
But then, four hours into the auction, a miracle happened. A sole bidder was going to buy the whole park. The property, the rides, even the trash cans. All in an effort to reopen Clementon Park.
And just like that – the park was saved.
The auctioneers, Capital Recovery Group, did not disclose the identity of the buyers who placed the top bid of $2.3 million. But officials did tell News 12 New Jersey that their plan was to reopen the park. Further details of the sale soon will be released soon.
The park was originally founded in 1907.