Monmouth Poll: Few New Jersey residents aware of upcoming paper bag ban

New Jersey’s plastic and paper bag ban goes into effect in about two weeks.
A new Monmouth University poll found that while a majority of New Jersey residents are aware of the plastic bag ban, not many people knew that the ban also included paper bags.
The ban goes into effect on May 4. The Monmouth University poll found that only 28% of those polled knew that the ban gets rid of paper bags in large supermarkets.
While a majority of New Jersey residents polled say that they support the plastic bag ban, some have different preferences. When presented with different options, only a third of those surveyed said they support a complete ban on all single-use plastic bags. Twenty-eight percent prefer to let customers pay a small fee to use a plastic bag.
Another 41% say stores should continue to give away plastic bags for free.
The poll also asked how happy residents are about the change. About 2 in 3 residents said that it will be very easy or somewhat easy to make the switch to reusable bags. Thirty-eight percent of people said that they already bring their own bags when shopping for groceries. But half said they generally use the store's plastic bags, while 10% use the paper bags.
Support for the plastic bag ban sits at 61% and 64% of people support a ban on foam takeout containers and cups. This is also part of the ban once it goes into effect.
Just over half of those polls support a ban on plastic straws. The law, which went into effect last fall, requires that customers request a straw rather than be given one automatically.