Monmouth Park set to start up sports gambling in coming weeks

Casinos and racetracks in New Jersey are expecting to take bets soon after Monday's Supreme Court decision that allows states to offer sports gambling.
Monmouth Park is leading the charge in making sports gambling in the state a reality, with an area under their grandstands ready to be used for betting.
Monmouth Park consultant Dennis Drazin says Monday's decision saved horse racing in the state after seasons had become shorter and prize money was decreasing over time.
"A lot of people had gone out of business, a lot of farms had been sold, a lot of people have left New Jersey," says Drazin. "So this historic case really means survival for Monmouth Park."
Drazin added that he had talked to an operator at Meadowlands Racetrack who said they were on the verge of closing.
Though he says he could start sooner if he wanted, Drazin plans to start taking bets two weeks from now, with or without legislation in place from the state.